Logistics Manager

from Think Tank Photo


Thanks for visiting my review of the Logistics Manager from Think Tank Photo.  The reason I was looking at this bag was for a few reasons.  My current "On location" bag that I had was a shoulder bag with no wheels.  It holds my basic two lens setup along with 2 camera bodies which was perfect for on location shooting.


I saw the Logistics Manager from Think Tank Photo.  This bag is massive but it includes enough dividers that you could configure this bag in more ways then I can think of,  It is plenty deep to stand up the Nikon 70-200 (hood on reversed), which very few of my prior bags could handle. 


I havent spent too much time coming up with different setups yet but my current setup is fairly simple. 

Inside the top cover I have some exra batteries, remote control for my D7000, accessories for my Ultimate Lightbox, and a few gels. 

Inside the main compartment there is my Ultimate Lightbox flash modifier, Black rapid straps, D700 body with grip, D7000 body with grip, rain covers and accessories bags with odds and ends in them, 3 flash compartments for my SB700 and 2 Sb600s, 70-200MM 2.8 Nikon, 24-70 2.8 Nikon, and my good luck mascot the Claw. 

Probably the best part of this bag is the ability to lock the zippers which allows airport security in and also a cable lock that allows me to lock it in a spot I choose on location and wont have to worry about the bag leaving without me.


Please visit Think Tank Photo for further pictures and of course, if you choose to purchase this bag as well as any other bag from their site using the following link. please remember that you will receive a free gift from Think Tank as well as it helping me out with my site.

Think Tank Photo and Bruce Fisher Photography