Think Tank Photo Modular Belt System


Their weather resistance and usability are by far my favorite to date.  If you would like some additional information on any of these bags or interested in purchasing one, please use the Think Tank logo below and Think Tank will give you a free gift with a purchase of $50 or more for using my link. 



Think Tank Modular System

Pro Speed Belt™

This belt allows for the pouches to be connected in a few different ways.  There are loops on the belt in which you can mount the pouches to be in a fixed location.  In my case I choose to have them loose, the pouches are installed to where they are loose on the belt which allows me to rotate them to retrieve the lenses and then can move them out of the way again.  Very handy in cases where there is limited elbow room and you can move the lenses to behind the back while walking.  On my belt I have a LC 35, LC 75 pop down, Lightning Fast, and "All the other stuff" pouch.


Lens Changer 35

I purchased this bag to hold my Nikon 24-70 2.8.  This bag is deep enough to place the lens in with hood in place.  I generally will remove the lens cap and just keep the rear cover on while on my belt.  When time to change a lens, I will remove pull the lens off the camera and transition the rear cover from the 24-70 to the lens coming off and that lens will go to its pouch and this one goes on.  Pretty quick change over. 

Lens Changer 75 Pop Down™

This pouch will hold my 70-200mm 2.8 with hood in place.  The bottom of the pouch will unzip to make the pouch deeper, but on the scene I just keep it zipped up and it is the perfect height to grab the lens for change over. 

Lightning Fast™

This pouch holds my SB700 with omni bounce diffuser attached. 

All the Other Stuff™

In this pouch I carry some business cards, lens cleaning kit, and lens pen.  With the 3 zippered sections, it allows for very quick access