Viewing and ordering prints "Need to Knows"


Some questions that I have received are addressed on this page.  Please take a few moments to read through the questions if you have not already done so.  The page is growing very quickly and it is starting to get crowded with no additions as well as a few new ways to purchase goods.  Below the questions is a link to the Album page.


1.  When you access the Albums page, at the top right corner of the screen is a small magnifying glass.  Clicking on that opens up a small field to put a search item into to further assist locating the correct album that you are looking for.  For instance if you are looking for all albums that involve Hays High School, simply typing in Hays in that field will list all albums that I have named with the word Hays. 

If you would like to simply browse through any folders, they are all grouped according to type of event.  All events like parties, socials, etc will be listed in the Event section.  Other examples would be like Portraits or Seniors etc.

2.  Zenfolio is my hosting site that manages my page.  They offer goods as well as downloads which I have limited control of shipping, price, etc.  They do allow a person to set self fulfilled products in which I have total control over.  To further reduce costs to the consumer, I starting doing my own printing on the basic level.  I have the ability to print 4x6. 5x7. 8x10, and 11x17 to date.  Also I have just started to add a download option on some albums.  I have retained some of Zenfolio product offers like magazine covers, buttons, mugs, that sort of thing to increase the variety of options available.  These extra items are completed by the site and they control all shipping charges etc regarding those items.  As far as the prints and downloads go, I do my printing locally and control all shipping prices.  Please keep this in mind when ordering.

3.  A side note on the Zenfolio products.  They collect payment for those items as well so during checkout, you may be required to make two payments depending on what is ordered.  I apologize for that but I am trying to keep prices down all I can.  Downloads will be set up by myself and a link to the download will be sent to anyone purchasing a download. 

4.  There are a few videos provided by Zenfolio to assist in ordering and placing on Favorite lists.  Click the link below for each.

         Picture ordering

Placing on Favorites

If any other questions arise, please email me and I will do my best to get them resolved. 


Click the below link to access my Albums and Enjoy!