Bruce Fisher Photography | Think Tank Acceleration backpack review

Think Tank Acceleration backpack review


Received my Think Tank Acceleration back pack yesterday and again I am very pleased with how Think Tank Photo makes their bags.  Below are the initial pictures taken of the bag in the format that it came in.  Will work up how to set it up for my camera set and update with new images of that. Click each image for a larger view.

Think Tank Acceleration backpack  The bag as it arrived. 

Think Tank Acceleration backpackThe bag with front sleeve open with included laptop sleeve that slides down front pocket

Think Tank Acceleration backpack    Inside flap of laptop sleeve is a cable with lock for zippers if wanted

Think Tank Acceleration backpack  Laptop sleeve that is included.  Haven't tried it out yet.

Think Tank Acceleration backpack  Bag opened up to configuration bag was received in.  Nice tall compartments able to hold at least 24-70 2.8

Think Tank Acceleration backpack  Close up view of bag configuration.  Also includes rain jacket in back bag. 

Think Tank Acceleration backpack  Inside top cover.  Strong see through zippered compartments

Think Tank Acceleration backpack  Back of bag showing velcro flags hiding the straps. ( My favorite part of the bag)

Think Tank Acceleration backpack  Right side velcro flap pulled back to reveal one backpack strap.  Velcro cover velcros back in place.

Think Tank Acceleration backpack  Both velcro flaps opened and both straps as well as support belts removed.  Straps and belt are padded.

Think Tank Acceleration backpack  Both straps and belts back behind velcro flaps and bag is ready for airline travel or just to be carried as a suitcase.

First Impressions

Think Tank really puts a lot of thought into their bags.  I have yet to try the bag out but for what I intend to use the bag for it is near perfect.  The bag is deep and will hold a lot of lenses and accessories which can and will make it fairly heavy but for the fact that I would like to carry all my stuff in one bag for a shoot that requires a lot of walking, it will be worth it.  I have heard the belt can be removed and I may do so and use the padded belt that is with my modular kit instead so I can carry a few items on my belt as well.  Will update with more pictures and thoughts as I go.